College Scholarship Plan

To help baseball players complete their college education, Major League Baseball created the College Scholarship Plan (“CSP”). Teams offer the CSP to drafted players. While the Commissioner’s Office handles reimbursement requests, the team that provides the CSP to the player is responsible for the payment.

The CSP contains negotiable caps on:

  • the number of semesters/quarters the plan is applicable for;
  • the amount of tuition, fee, and textbook reimbursement for each semester/quarter; and
  • the amount of room and board reimbursement for each semester/quarter.

A player will forfeit all remaining CSP money if, after he is released or retires, he:

  • does not begin his first class within two years; or
  • takes more than two years off from school (there can be a two-year gap while the player is still playing).

The room and board money can only be used for semesters or quarters that the player begins within ten years of when the player signs his contract.